Loomisoft is busy bringing you plugins that we hope you find useful in your websites. Feel free to browse our site and download our plugins straight from the WordPress.org repository.

Reusable Content & Text Blocks Plugin

Loomisoft’s Reusable Content & Text Blocks plugin allows you to define modular and repeated blocks of text and other content and place them within pages, posts, sidebars, widgetised areas or anywhere on your site via shortcodes, via the provided widget or via PHP. The idea behind this plugin is two-fold. The first is to…

Button Widget Plugin

Loomisoft’s Button Widget plugin provides a widget that allows you to place highly customisable link buttons in your sidebars, footers and other widgetised areas. Designed to be intuitive, the widget provides great flexibility and versatility in defining the button’s text, background, borders, paddings and hover characteristics.