We’re proud to say that we have re-launched our Banner Ad Advertising Manager plugin. Previously available as a premium plugin only, we have introduced a two-tier structure – standard and PRO – so as to make some of the basic features of the plugin more accessible to a wider audience. In addition, we have re-written and improved almost all of the plugin’s code.

If you want to easily set up image ad banners and place them in your posts, pages, sidebars or anywhere on your site and see basic metrics on the performance of your ads, then the standard version can be downloaded free of charge from WordPress.org and can also be installed directly from your WordPress site’s admin area … just search for “Loomisoft” on your site’s Add Plugins (Plugins > Add New on the menu).

If you run an online magazine or content site, and you provide advertising space to your customers, you may be interested in the greater control and reporting including control over campaign start/end dates, weekly scheduling, the ability to group ads into blocks and more detailed graphical reporting, and if you want to have HTML/JavaScript ads such as those from Google AdSense and other advertising networks, then the PRO version is the one you want … take a look here.