Help & More

We have designed our plugin to be intuitive and easy for someone with a fair amount of WordPress experience. We have also tried to make this documentation as extensive as it needs to be without confusing things.

However, if you have any questions or need help, then help is at hand. Please feel free to contact us – either through the contact form on our website or through the support system.

Bugs & Clashes

We use our own plugins in-house so we generally know if there are any issues straight away, but it is our users who really put them through their paces and expose them to a wide variety of situations. So if you find bugs, or clashes with other plugins or your theme, then we definitely want to hear from you so we can fix the issue.

Your Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for improvements, do let us know. We are always interested in making our plugins better through enhancements that fit in with the core purpose of the particular plugin.

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