Managing Content/Text Blocks

Adding/Editing/Deleting Content Blocks

Content or text blocks can be added and managed via the custom “Content Blocks” post type in the same way that the normal WordPress posts and pages are … you can add new content blocks, or edit or bin existing blocks in exactly the same way.

Content Block Contents

Each content block has three main elements:

  • Title: This is more for your reference and more for labelling purposes
  • Content: The actual content of each block can be managed in a similar way to normal pages and posts. You can use the normal WordPress TinyMCE editor or one of the page builders listed below.
  • Visibility: For a content block to be displayed, it must be set to “Published”. This gives great control over whether a block is displayed. Content blocks may even be set for publication at a future date and time.

Once you are happy with the block, just save it.

If you are amending an existing content block, the relevant changes will take effect immediately wherever the block is used. However, note that if you are using any cache plugins, you might need to purge caches before changes are reflected on the site.

Page Builders

Not only can you use the generic TinyMCE editor for putting content in a block, you can also use page builders such as WPBakery’s Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer), Avada’s Fusion Builder, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin Page Builder. Other page builders may, in principle, also be compatible.

In order to do so, for the specific page builder, enable the “lscontentblock” or “Content Blocks” post type within its settings. Also, when your content block contains content from a page builder, you must call (embed) the block with “full content filtering” or the PARA parameter set to “full”. See this section for full information regarding content processing and the PARA parameter.

As at the time of the publication of this documentation, the plugin has been tested with:

  • WPBakery’s Page Builder version 5.4.2
  • Avada’s Fusion Builder version 1.2.2 (with Avada version 5.2.2)
  • Beaver Builder version
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder version 2.5.14